Your Year Ahead 2017

This is the year to believe in yourself. Your relationships, especially if you are in a partnership, enter a dreamy and positive phase. This phase has foundations for commitment or if single a new relationship could easily develop into something beautifully meaningful offering a real sense of romance. In August the shift of focus is on your career. You have done well and will be rewarded but you may still find yourself under pressure to prove your worth.

Try not to over worry or over-work yourself as you are doing enough and keeping to the same level of commitment will be noted and again, rewarded. You are a powerful influence and this can benefit others if they learn to hear your messages, if they are not listening then don’t push the point as they will learn soon enough that you are influential and patient. There could be a shake-up of finances or even a misunderstanding that will prompt you to bring things to the surface and resolve a potential issue, this will clear the way to a more workable situation. Be adaptable where you can be as opportunities come in unexpectedly and be ready to enjoy those mini breaks you have been dreaming of.

This year looks like a winning combination of opportunity and co-operation with others. Yes, you can go it alone but only so far and why turn down a bigger potential return for the sake of a little teamwork. In March you may find a past theme re-enter, a familiar face or setup that may pose the question, what are you missing out on? The answer is nothing you haven’t already had and if it was so exciting you would have stayed with it. Don’t sabotage your progress by regressing backwards as this could also be risky financially.

You need to care for your energy, including your time and your financial commitments, so if you are thinking of risking money get advice or run it past a solid friend who has your best interests at heart. Your mind is naturally inventive and this year ideas come in that could make you some money and improve your standing.

Record or note your ideas, as inspiration will come thick and fast and to miss the nugget of creative thought could leave you regretting the simple honour of recording your genius. You will attract interesting people and this will be highlighted in August where collaboration could be profitable for you both. Romance is exciting as you find a balance within yourself to be with someone, but also to have that valuable time by yourself. The arts and imaginative world is also highlighted so that you can mix with like-minded and develop a deep friendship with someone who charms you.

You can rely on diplomacy this year to lend a helping hand with any power struggles that Pluto in your sign can stir up. The challenges may appear that they come from others but the real challenge is you owning your power without controlling others. You have already experienced a degree of this transit but this year encourages a softening, or you taking a slightly less front seat position so you can regroup and reorganise your long-term goals.

Less practical interests enter early March to offer a brilliant career opportunity. This continues throughout the year, seize the opportunity and also try to negotiate around certain issues rather than taking a non-budging stance. It is also a year to consider other people, a year where understanding will win over initial judgments. Unplanned work may be required in or around the home, so try to keep spare finances by for repairs and alterations.

Your career takes a seriously good leap forward in August where you begin to reap the benefits of your hard work. there is recognition for you but also an opportunity to work alongside someone who will feel as equally powerful. Your emotional life is in for a boost in March when someone enters to whisk you off your feet, enjoy the attention that this rather unconventional relationship can offer. It is a year of playing and working with powerful people, it is a year for you to grow in confidence in areas that have not been a priority, but it will make your life richer for the joining in.

This is the year when you take your influence seriously, be that in your relationships, your career or your immediate surrounding and friends. This does come with added responsibilities but it also means that you are in control of your freedom of choice. It is a building year towards further success, to reach out or step up to reflect the internal growth you have already accomplished. Your home life could undergo some changes that will add a lovely distraction to the more pressing question of how can you attain a stronger position in your world.

The lesson this year is to feel stronger in yourself and your abilities as you have immense knowledge on what to do and just need to discover how to reach where you want to be. See it as a template, a plan over the year of how you will achieve and how much responsibility you want to take on. This template should also recognize that your emotional life will be busy and exciting, that you will want freedom to be spontaneous and enjoy the fun times ahead. Take your time as the year begins with a vision of potentials which can be changed or adjusted to accommodate areas of life that are important but more importantly, what makes you happy.

There has been so much going on behind the scenes that you will be delighted to hear that this year will be more direct and this will have a beneficial effect on your general confidence. You may be coming out of an insecure time, as you were forced to look and confront certain issues and people to learn who and what you can trust. That time has passed and now leaves you to enjoy this year with a new found thought of what is important to you and a clearing of some fears that have held you back.

Waste no time now in restoring your trust in your instincts as you are blessed with profound insight that will always steer you to where you choose to be. A new relationship, or a renewal of an old relationship, kick starts the emotions in March when you are surprised and delighted with the attention you receive. Go with the flow and see how it develops as come August you are attracting positive meetings and new faces that could open up some interesting decisions regarding relationships. Keep a careful eye on financial commitments as your outgoings are mounting up. This will not be a problem if you don’t over extend yourself, just use your stunning intuitive insight and listen to what is a solid investment and what responsibility you do not need.

You have time to catch your breath as after a busy few months you are given a short time to collect your ideas and re-position yourself for a time when you can take centre stage. That time is from August, but you will not be hiding away until then but organising your thoughts and manoeuvring yourself to deal with important matters you care about. You have been at the beck and call of other people’s problems, so much so that a small distancing could give you the much needed headspace you now deserve and need. Partners and friends may want more independence or even introduce ideas to free up old and stagnant patterns to add more excitement and variation into your relationships.

This may raise up buried stuff but with a little understanding you can clear the way for a new routine that allows you more time for you and your own development. Come August, when Jupiter enters your sign, you are restored and organised to step forward to promote yourself and your ambitions. You have given much, you will be repaid, re-valued and move forward to a very rewarding year where your time and space takes on a brand new worth.

This is a memorable year as Jupiter enters your sign giving you the brightest spotlight and the positive energy to expand in all you can be. There may be the odd moment when you to take off the rose coloured glasses but only to take quick action to bring things into line with truth. Then you can just as quickly pop them back on as this year is about being you…and not what others want you to be.

If you are thinking of moving then try to listen to advice as you may be wise to wait until a better opportunity turns up, you won’t have to wait long so hedge your bets and come out winning. August highlights a possible financial issue that needs to be resolved quickly or introduce new rules to bring things under control once more.

Gently let go of who and what is not working for you, as your confidence grows so too does your desire to move forward into a space or relationship that values your caring nature. You are ready to hold onto what works for you. You are beginning to see that by holding on to negative relationships you hold back in expressing your feelings and so hold back in being wholly in those relationships. You have waited, you have prepared, you have made allowances and done the work. Now it’s time to take your place on life’s stage to receive your applause and prepare for a standing ovation before the year is out.

As 2016 progresses you can develop a better balance of your deep emotions and sensitivities. This will be encouraged by change and developments in your relationships, career and home environment. These changes begin in early March and build until August when you will be confident to activate a new way forward. Watch your spending as the impulse to overspend is tempting and try also to generally draw back from overdoing and conserve your energy.

There may be some feedback or judgement that you react sensitively to, try to not take things too personally by looking at the bigger picture in what can be gained from doing things in a different way. Partnerships become more powerful and those with value become enriched and those you have outgrown may drop out. It will become important not to engage in power games, instead feel more liberated at resisting the urge to take things too personally and not engaging in thoughts that keep you tied to a situation that no longer works for you. Creative success with study and publishing is highlighted, as is the wish to not struggle with changes that can improve your life emotionally and bring you to a new vantage point in your ambitions.

The emphasis this year is on home, work and your emotional life. A move of home or improvements look great, as does your delight in new editions to the family. As Jupiter shines abundance on the restructuring and expansion of your life make the most of outstanding opportunities in the first six months, as there could be a relocation that expands your living space and improves your work experiences.

You are going through a deep transformation. Looking at possible new contracts or agreements will help you to establish your long-term aims and clear away old negative patterns and replace them with a new sense of freedom.  This is an excellent year to begin a new discipline, be that health, learning or even putting a few new boundaries up to safeguard your well-being on all levels. In August the focus shifts to your personal relationships and you will find a new sense of understanding as a partner shows how much they think of you, if single a new relationship adds immense pleasure to your life.


This year you will be delighted with the opportunities coming your way, especially in your personal relationships. You will have the opportunity to learn from any previous mistakes and move forward with a renewed sense of experience and confidence in the choices you make. Education and travel is highlighted to encourage growth and raise your consciousness of what can be achieved in the wider world.

As an Earth sign you are practical and grounded, this year you are surrounded by a new and rather unformulated inspiration where your practicality could take a backseat. Play with the new ideas from friends or from other sources, but test the reality now and again to see if it can be manifested into something real. A new relationship enters which could open up an exciting world where you receive compliments and opportunities to enjoy the finer things of life. There is also a new career position or job offer in August which raises your work ambitions and finances.

The year 2016 highlights your leadership ability. Your quick and decisive mind looks towards one direction, forward. This will be noted, as others can get stuck in a past and will look to you to show them the way out of a situation. The call for you to collaborate begins early in the year, important to watch your boundaries, put forward your optimism and success is yours.

This year you can really help to add to others confidence, you can teach and guide with your warm and affectionate spirit while also rediscovering your own personal power. You are the firebrand, the natural leader within a group. This is where you are happiest and it will be important for others to note you will also be in the mood to break with negative patterns and relationships that do not value your determined faith.

All work involving beauty, arts and people feeling good are your natural habitat, you can adapt to sudden changes and can develop patience, but you only thrive in conditions that you get what you need. By August Jupiter shifts into Libra, emphasising your personal relationships and partnerships. You have learnt what works for you, what makes you happy and you are ready to commit to a slower pace in your personal life to enhance your deeper sensitivities and passions.

This year you will be re-thinking your generosity and your big-hearted instinct. Your finances are tied in with your generous nature and although that may always be the case, this year you are introducing a few basic rules to recognise those in real need and those that have become accustomed to your open-handed giving.

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty by questioning the emotional balance of your relationships and let some people stand on their two feet. It is also a year for preparation, a year to be inspired, to be self-motivated to achieve a long-held dream or ambition. That may mean educating yourself in new thoughts or researching the practicalities to make it happen, but by August the pathway is cleared to make the reality of a previous vision.

You are moving into an exciting phase where anything is possible if you open up your creative mind. If you are prepared to do the ground-work and not be fooled by your naturally optimistic image of how things should be. There could be the odd plan where you question certain support and resources, where there could be possible hidden agendas to avoid. Best to test any funding and truth before promising your time and energy. Your relationships are moving towards a stable time where exciting changes are replaced with commitment and stability giving you a real sense of emotional strength.

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