aquarius Your Year Ahead 2017

This year looks like a winning combination of opportunity and co-operation with others. Yes, you can go it alone but only so far and why turn down a bigger potential return for the sake of a little teamwork. In March you may find a past theme re-enter, a familiar face or setup that may pose the question, what are you missing out on? The answer is nothing you haven’t already had and if it was so exciting you would have stayed with it. Don’t sabotage your progress by regressing backwards as this could also be risky financially.

You need to care for your energy, including your time and your financial commitments, so if you are thinking of risking money get advice or run it past a solid friend who has your best interests at heart. Your mind is naturally inventive and this year ideas come in that could make you some money and improve your standing.

Record or note your ideas, as inspiration will come thick and fast and to miss the nugget of creative thought could leave you regretting the simple honour of recording your genius. You will attract interesting people and this will be highlighted in August where collaboration could be profitable for you both. Romance is exciting as you find a balance within yourself to be with someone, but also to have that valuable time by yourself. The arts and imaginative world is also highlighted so that you can mix with like-minded and develop a deep friendship with someone who charms you.

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February 11, 1992

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February 11, 1969

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5 February 1985

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January 31, 1981

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February 1, 1986

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February 1, 1994

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February 7, 1978