capricorn Your Year Ahead 2017

You can rely on diplomacy this year to lend a helping hand with any power struggles that Pluto in your sign can stir up. The challenges may appear that they come from others but the real challenge is you owning your power without controlling others. You have already experienced a degree of this transit but this year encourages a softening, or you taking a slightly less front seat position so you can regroup and reorganise your long-term goals.

Less practical interests enter early March to offer a brilliant career opportunity. This continues throughout the year, seize the opportunity and also try to negotiate around certain issues rather than taking a non-budging stance. It is also a year to consider other people, a year where understanding will win over initial judgments. Unplanned work may be required in or around the home, so try to keep spare finances by for repairs and alterations.

Your career takes a seriously good leap forward in August where you begin to reap the benefits of your hard work. there is recognition for you but also an opportunity to work alongside someone who will feel as equally powerful. Your emotional life is in for a boost in March when someone enters to whisk you off your feet, enjoy the attention that this rather unconventional relationship can offer. It is a year of playing and working with powerful people, it is a year for you to grow in confidence in areas that have not been a priority, but it will make your life richer for the joining in.

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