leo Your Year Ahead 2017

This year you will be re-thinking your generosity and your big-hearted instinct. Your finances are tied in with your generous nature and although that may always be the case, this year you are introducing a few basic rules to recognise those in real need and those that have become accustomed to your open-handed giving.

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty by questioning the emotional balance of your relationships and let some people stand on their two feet. It is also a year for preparation, a year to be inspired, to be self-motivated to achieve a long-held dream or ambition. That may mean educating yourself in new thoughts or researching the practicalities to make it happen, but by August the pathway is cleared to make the reality of a previous vision.

You are moving into an exciting phase where anything is possible if you open up your creative mind. If you are prepared to do the ground-work and not be fooled by your naturally optimistic image of how things should be. There could be the odd plan where you question certain support and resources, where there could be possible hidden agendas to avoid. Best to test any funding and truth before promising your time and energy. Your relationships are moving towards a stable time where exciting changes are replaced with commitment and stability giving you a real sense of emotional strength.

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July 24, 1969

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August 14, 1983

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July 26, 1964

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August 7, 1975


August 16, 1958

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August 15, 1990

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August 9, 1985

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August 4, 1961