libra Your Year Ahead 2017

You have time to catch your breath as after a busy few months you are given a short time to collect your ideas and re-position yourself for a time when you can take centre stage. That time is from August, but you will not be hiding away until then but organising your thoughts and manoeuvring yourself to deal with important matters you care about. You have been at the beck and call of other people’s problems, so much so that a small distancing could give you the much needed headspace you now deserve and need. Partners and friends may want more independence or even introduce ideas to free up old and stagnant patterns to add more excitement and variation into your relationships.

This may raise up buried stuff but with a little understanding you can clear the way for a new routine that allows you more time for you and your own development. Come August, when Jupiter enters your sign, you are restored and organised to step forward to promote yourself and your ambitions. You have given much, you will be repaid, re-valued and move forward to a very rewarding year where your time and space takes on a brand new worth.

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