pisces Your Year Ahead 2017

This is the year to believe in yourself. Your relationships, especially if you are in a partnership, enter a dreamy and positive phase. This phase has foundations for commitment or if single a new relationship could easily develop into something beautifully meaningful offering a real sense of romance. In August the shift of focus is on your career. You have done well and will be rewarded but you may still find yourself under pressure to prove your worth.

Try not to over worry or over-work yourself as you are doing enough and keeping to the same level of commitment will be noted and again, rewarded. You are a powerful influence and this can benefit others if they learn to hear your messages, if they are not listening then don’t push the point as they will learn soon enough that you are influential and patient. There could be a shake-up of finances or even a misunderstanding that will prompt you to bring things to the surface and resolve a potential issue, this will clear the way to a more workable situation. Be adaptable where you can be as opportunities come in unexpectedly and be ready to enjoy those mini breaks you have been dreaming of.

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