sagittarius Your Year Ahead 2017

This is the year when you take your influence seriously, be that in your relationships, your career or your immediate surrounding and friends. This does come with added responsibilities but it also means that you are in control of your freedom of choice. It is a building year towards further success, to reach out or step up to reflect the internal growth you have already accomplished. Your home life could undergo some changes that will add a lovely distraction to the more pressing question of how can you attain a stronger position in your world.

The lesson this year is to feel stronger in yourself and your abilities as you have immense knowledge on what to do and just need to discover how to reach where you want to be. See it as a template, a plan over the year of how you will achieve and how much responsibility you want to take on. This template should also recognize that your emotional life will be busy and exciting, that you will want freedom to be spontaneous and enjoy the fun times ahead. Take your time as the year begins with a vision of potentials which can be changed or adjusted to accommodate areas of life that are important but more importantly, what makes you happy.

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