scorpio Your Year Ahead 2017

There has been so much going on behind the scenes that you will be delighted to hear that this year will be more direct and this will have a beneficial effect on your general confidence. You may be coming out of an insecure time, as you were forced to look and confront certain issues and people to learn who and what you can trust. That time has passed and now leaves you to enjoy this year with a new found thought of what is important to you and a clearing of some fears that have held you back.

Waste no time now in restoring your trust in your instincts as you are blessed with profound insight that will always steer you to where you choose to be. A new relationship, or a renewal of an old relationship, kick starts the emotions in March when you are surprised and delighted with the attention you receive. Go with the flow and see how it develops as come August you are attracting positive meetings and new faces that could open up some interesting decisions regarding relationships. Keep a careful eye on financial commitments as your outgoings are mounting up. This will not be a problem if you don’t over extend yourself, just use your stunning intuitive insight and listen to what is a solid investment and what responsibility you do not need.

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