taurus Your Year Ahead 2017

This year you will be delighted with the opportunities coming your way, especially in your personal relationships. You will have the opportunity to learn from any previous mistakes and move forward with a renewed sense of experience and confidence in the choices you make. Education and travel is highlighted to encourage growth and raise your consciousness of what can be achieved in the wider world.

As an Earth sign you are practical and grounded, this year you are surrounded by a new and rather unformulated inspiration where your practicality could take a backseat. Play with the new ideas from friends or from other sources, but test the reality now and again to see if it can be manifested into something real. A new relationship enters which could open up an exciting world where you receive compliments and opportunities to enjoy the finer things of life. There is also a new career position or job offer in August which raises your work ambitions and finances.

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May 16, 1986

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May 13, 1986

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May 4, 1929

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May 2, 1975

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April 26, 1980


May 20, 1946