virgo Your Year Ahead 2017

This is a memorable year as Jupiter enters your sign giving you the brightest spotlight and the positive energy to expand in all you can be. There may be the odd moment when you to take off the rose coloured glasses but only to take quick action to bring things into line with truth. Then you can just as quickly pop them back on as this year is about being you…and not what others want you to be.

If you are thinking of moving then try to listen to advice as you may be wise to wait until a better opportunity turns up, you won’t have to wait long so hedge your bets and come out winning. August highlights a possible financial issue that needs to be resolved quickly or introduce new rules to bring things under control once more.

Gently let go of who and what is not working for you, as your confidence grows so too does your desire to move forward into a space or relationship that values your caring nature. You are ready to hold onto what works for you. You are beginning to see that by holding on to negative relationships you hold back in expressing your feelings and so hold back in being wholly in those relationships. You have waited, you have prepared, you have made allowances and done the work. Now it’s time to take your place on life’s stage to receive your applause and prepare for a standing ovation before the year is out.

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