First Zodiac Sign Inspired Makeup Range MYSIGN Launches

By Lynda D’aboh

New beauty launch alert! The first makeup range inspired by star signs, MYSIGN, a new limited edition, collaboration with Makeup Revolution, has just launched. I’ve known the brains behind the brand, the lovely Krista Madden, for a while so had a quick chat with her to find out more.

Image by Wonderlusting Lynda
Image by Wonderlusting Lynda

Why did you decide to launch MYSIGN?

KM: “I thought of the idea for MYSIGN back in 2014 because the beauty industry was starting to personalise products and your star sign is a fun and personal statement of who you are. I think girls are in to our star signs, some more than others, we are all just a bit interested in something if it is for our sign. It felt like such a natural fit to do a make up range for our star signs, and I was surprised nobody had done it before, so that was it, I was determined to get this out there as a brand.”

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