Your Year Ahead 2018

It’s a great time to be involved with community, social activities and to enjoy friendship, Pisces. While financial or work activities are still settling, put your efforts into establishing your presence where you see fit. You could be incredibly effective in helping a cause, even if you have to delicately manage the practicalities of your commitments.

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Despite being on form around friends or colleagues there’s transitions behind the scenes, which could feel like a sticking point, Aquarius. Allow yourself to replenish and recharge in homely spaces, or pause at a suitable resting spot.

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You’re a force to be reckoned with as April opens, with a brilliant sense of self-discipline and drive. Your domestic set-up, sense of self-care, nurturing tendencies or family issues are hotly highlighted this month – pushing ahead with abundant force only antagonizes matters.

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Work and play tussle for attention, as opportunities are presented to get down to business, yet passions run high.

You’re in a strong position for financial and professional accomplishment, with your efforts delivering positive repercussions.

This is a highly significant time for your personal transition, and a true power time for Sagittarius.

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How you relate to those closest and your rapport with others dominates this month, Scorpio. You might be learning or building your skills among peers, and your efforts can be rewarded with beautifully flourishing relationships – partnerships materialise or evolve.

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It’s easy to edge into deeper into waters now, Libra, however surface level details still need to work themselves out. You’ve the stamina and impetus to drive ahead at home, gaining stable footing and security in your environment.

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Close bonds or a private agreement continues to occupy headspace this month, Virgo, and passions run high as you process. Finances, shared spaces, a partnership or a legal issue has your attention, yet this is also a compelling time to take action around what you enjoy most.

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As 2018 progresses you can develop a better balance of your deep emotions and sensitivities. This will be encouraged by change and developments in your relationships, career and home environment. These changes begin in early March and build until August when you will be confident to activate a new way forward. Watch your spending as the impulse to overspend is tempting and try also to generally draw back from overdoing and conserve your energy.

There may be some feedback or judgement that you react sensitively to, try to not take things too personally by looking at the bigger picture in what can be gained from doing things in a different way. Partnerships become more powerful and those with value become enriched and those you have outgrown may drop out. It will become important not to engage in power games, instead feel more liberated at resisting the urge to take things too personally and not engaging in thoughts that keep you tied to a situation that no longer works for you. Creative success with study and publishing is highlighted, as is the wish to not struggle with changes that can improve your life emotionally and bring you to a new vantage point in your ambitions.

You’ll be revisiting issues concerning friends, your professional network or connections within your social scene. Plenty of private matters are catching your eye, which presents a dilemma around how to direct your focus and energy.

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Surfs up Taurus! Seriously amazing waves are yours to ride, propelling ventures forward – with you front and center of the board!

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You can make serious headway in your field of choice now, Aries, with Mars in your career and recognition zone. Just spend a little extra effort feeling good in your own skin; it’s your time to feel body confiden.

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April highlights new ventures, while simultaneously putting the breaks on, Leo. Patience is needed, as exploring exciting avenues clashes with your everyday routine and demands.

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