Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our planetary friends @VenusandVesta.

We enter the year with two exact aspects that give us the vibe for what’s to come. Whilst this is a healing vibe (don’t forget that!!), it is also quite hardcore. BUT nowhere like the astrology that created 2016 with its giant planetary clashes creating worldwide dramatic change.

This year takes us higher in our learning and healing journey but by accessing our own deeper wounds.
As the clock strikes 12 the world over, Saturn has gone from trining crazy ass Uranus (for new beginnings), to squaring Chiron in Pisces, the wounded healer, and thereby inciting really important healing of old, deep and karmic wounds (some of these accessed via deaths of major personalities). This switch over from the fresh start to deeper issues has us suddenly realizing that what we took on board recently (even or especially if it is grief issues) is actually exactly what we need to work on: our fears and pain – the screws are on.

At the same time as this Saturn Chiron square and all those midnight countdowns (world over), angry and decisive Mars joins up with dream time Neptune adding to our vulnerability and wonderment. Are we lost here? Yes in a way, these aspects are a step

change that ensures we drop all pretense, own our issues and move forward this year, we have no choice.
So many planetary processes in 2017 are going to move us from victim to claimant and then to hero, so let’s get with that now.

Bring on the 2017 groovy train no matter the pressure.

This is ascension codes for all humanity.


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