The Week of 21st November

The cosmos has auspicious energies that invite women to be in charge of their own destiny this week despite some unexpected serendipity that could leave us all in a head spin.  The North Node, our point of destiny is sitting in picky Virgo deciding what to do and where; it has to be right.  But Virgo’s opposition to Neptune is confusing things and maybe we should all go after our dreams after all.  We can expect playful magic with this  duo as new vistas open up which may have the hint of karmic destiny about them.

Lilith, our Dark Moon Goddess is forging alliances with Chiron the eternal healer and together they are summoning up the feminine strength to be more courageous no matter how dark or twisted it might feel – let them have all of you – it will be better all round if we just say what we feel and what we want.  Claim it!  

On 23rd November exactly, Mercury with all his mental agility, meets up with long term commitment man Saturn and together in Sag they can go on a big adventure.  We don’t know when these two are going to come back but together they could build an empire as their energies combine brilliantly for long term projects.

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